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Current Issue

September 2014

Limits on Testamentary Freedom

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June 2014

Dealing with Designations

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March 2014

New Model Code of Professional Conduct: The Impact on Estate Lawyers

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December 2013

The Estates Procedures Manual: A Detailed Guide to the Probate Process

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September 2013

Dividends and the Evan Hand: Income or Capital?

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May 2013

Resignation and Renunciation of Executors and Trustees

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April 2013

Dice v. Dice Estate: Can a Tiger Change it’s Stirpes ?

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December 2012

Not Too Young to Sue? – Minority Claims, Limitation Periods and Discoverability

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September 2012

Naming a Guardian in a Will

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June 2012

Can Marital Fault Lead to Disinheritance?

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March 2012

The Challenge of Detecting Undue Influence

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December 2011

The Role Of The Lawyer As Estate Trustee And Estate Solicitor
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June 2011

A Better Tomorrow? Not Necessarily So For Estates
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March 2011

Digital Legacies: For Now and Forever
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December 2010

When is Dependant's Support Paid to an Estranged Spouse?
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September 2010

Estates of Indians: What to do in a situation of intestacy
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May 2010

Proprietary Estoppel: Not Just Another Equitable Remedy
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March 2010

The Estates and Trusts Bar Mourns the Loss of Rodney Hull, Q.C. LSM
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Archived Issues

Nov 2009A Trustee’s Duty to Inform Beneficiaries: What is Expected?

Sept 2009Some Friendly Pressure: Rule 74.15, Non-Contentious Orders for Assistance

April 2009Plan ahead: Keep your vacation property in the family

Feb 2009A Quartet of Practical Practice Tips

Nov 2008The ABSENTEES ACT: it could happen to you

Sept 2008Responsibility of an Estate Trustee to Search for Heirs

June 2008Administering Estates: The Role of a Solicitor Revisited

April 2008The Family Conference

Nov 2007The Importance of Maintaining Estate Accounts

Sept 2007Webster v. Webster - Limitation Periods and Equalization Payments: When is it too Late?

June 2007Joint Accounts Update.

April 2007This issue probes the implications of writing a will to benefit an intended spouse.

Dec 2006This issue discusses a recent Ontario Superior Court case where a contract trumped a will.

Aug 2006This issue discusses the limitation periods that apply to estate litigation proceedings.

June 2006The provincial government’s recent paper regarding people who have a developmental disability

April 2006Substitution disputes

Jan 2006The decision of Bott v. Macaulay on estate solicitors' fees.

Nov 2005It's a gift! It's a loan! It's an advancement!

Sep 2005Late-summer double header: Ademption and the Substitute Decisions Act and costs in estate litigation matters

Jun 2005Beneficiary designations of insurance and insurance trusts

Apr 2005The Children's Lawyer in estate matters

Dec 2004Attorneys under power of attorney of property and testamentary dispositions: the problem presented by the conversion of an RRSP into an RRIF

Aug 2004Estate trustee's obligations to continue or commence litigation

May 2004Death, taxes and Registered Education Savings Plans

Jan 2004The duties of trustees to disclose to beneficiaries

Oct 2003Corporate distributions - Income or capital?

Aug 2003Insurance trusts

Apr 2003Problems with life insurance in the administration of an estate

Jan 2003The use of videotape when taking will instructions

Dec 2002Hrab estate v. Vandor - Another twist on section 38(3) of the Trustee Act

Aug 2002Preserving the Family Law Act election

Apr 2002Rules change (2002) respecting the awarding, fixing and assessment of costs

2002Precatory memorandums - Are they legally binding? Should they be disclosed? What are the Courts saying?

Nov 2001Pretaking compensation in estates and trusts and by guardians and attorneys

Sep 2001Secret trusts - What are they and are you watching out for them?

May 2001Estate conveyancing - a checklist

Jan 2001Alter ego and joint partner trusts

Dec 2000Estate, not designated beneficiary, bears RRSP/RRIF tax burden

Aug 2000Frequent causes of estate, trust and capacity litigation

2000The ten most frequent causes of estate, trust and capacity litigation - a checklist

Feb 2000Don't send a will out for execution by a client alone

1999/2000Surviving spouse who elects under FLA cannot be executor

Oct 1999Procedures and responsibilities of the personal representative respecting the ascertainment of heirs on intestacy or partial intestacy

May 1999Amendments to Trustee Act - Prudent investor rule takes effect July 1st, 1999

Feb 1999Probate fees - now probate tax

Nov 1998Supreme Court of Canada - Income splitting is endorsed

1998Re Eurig Estate - Where do we go now?

Jul 1998Forfeiture of gifts in a will

Aug 1998Will drafting - Preventing problems later

Jan 1998Contracts not to contest the will

Apr 1998A minefield to avoid when claiming against an estate

Nov 1997Expert witness reports - new deadlines for service before trial

Sep 1997Estate lawyers - Solicitor and client privilege alert

Reading Center

Media Book EstateIan Hull's book on estate planning and the family conference provides key strategies for avoiding estate conflicts. Click here for more information.

Book Image Ian Hull's " Power of Attorney Litigation"

WarJordan Atin's new book on successfully navigating the inheritance dispute minefield.
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Canadian Estate Administration Guide
Ian Hull's Canadian Estate Administration Guide is the only estate administration resource available in Canada with multi-jurisdictional coverage.
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Macdonell, Sheard and Hull on Probate Practice, 4th Edition
Rodney and Ian Hull's book on probate practice is a comprehensive, practical guide to estate administration in Ontario.
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Challenging the Validity of Wills by Ian Hull
Ian Hull's book details the process for the appointment of the estate trustee with a will, and at what stages the will can be attacked.
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Managing Your Practice Risk Hull & Hull LLP - Managing Your Practice Risk

2 PracticePRO Guide to Resources
LawPro's PracticePRO initiative provides risk management, claims prevention and law practice management information to Ontario Lawyers. Please visit for more information.

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