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As a father, mother or loved one loses the capacity to properly manage his or her own life, it can be an intensely emotional time, one too often compounded by disputes over who is in the best position to provide and protect.

At the law offices of Hull & Hull LLP, in Toronto and Oakville, we represent individuals in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Ontario in estate and trust law matters, including guardianship, power of attorney and capacity disputes. We provide guidance, advice and counsel based on more than 50 years of client representation and a proven record of success. We help you fully understand your case, provide realistic expectations of what we can help you achieve, and aggressively pursue your goals.

Practical, Effective and Aggressive

The costs and challenges of a courtroom guardianship fight can be overwhelming. We help our clients find strategies to pursue their goals, including negotiation and mediation options that can be as effective and often faster.

We also understand how important the proper care and protection of a loved one is. When litigation is the best and most productive pathway available, we field the resources and experience to support your case. Our offices work with clients in matters of:

  • Guardianship applications
  • Power of attorney for property
  • Power of attorney for personal care
  • Claims of abuse
  • Capacity disputes

We understand the charged nature of these cases, which is why we make it a priority to be a reasonable but fierce advocate for clients. We stress the potential savings and improved opportunities of alternative dispute resolution, but never at the expense of fighting for what is most important to you.

Becoming a Guardian

There are two procedures for becoming a court-appointed guardian: the "standard procedure" and the "summary disposition procedure." Assessments, sometimes by official assessors, are required in the summary disposition procedure. By use of the summary disposition procedure, a judgement appointing a guardian can be obtained without recourse to a judicial hearing.

Whatever procedure you use, you may either be appointed a property guardian or a personal care guardian.

  • Property guardian: Your role as property guardian is to step into the incapable's shoes for the purposes of making financial decisions and transactions on his or her behalf, as well as protecting his or her financial welfare.
  • Personal care guardian: The essential role of a personal care guardian is to act as a substitute decision maker and make personal care decisions for the incapable when necessary. Personal care decisions can include decisions concerning where to live, what to eat, safety, clothing, personal hygiene and health care.

Consult With a Trusted Partner

Our law firm has worked exclusively in estate and trust law for over 50 years. We can provide counsel and representation based on the benefit of proven results and experience. Contact our estate planning law office today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our Toronto guardianship and power of attorney litigation lawyers.