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Variations of Trusts law allows trustees and executors to make adaptations and alterations to testamentary documents such as Wills when all parties involved agree on those changes. The laws governing this practice are relatively complex, particularly when compared to some laws governing Estates and Trusts. It too dates back more than a century, but interest has been growing on the advantages of variations of Trusts.

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We can evaluate where variations of Trusts laws can work for your situation.

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Even a diligently prepared Will, particularly one that hasn't been updated in a reasonable time, can overlook a key issue or miss an important variable. There are ways for a trustee and the beneficiaries to modify a Trust or testamentary document to address these needs.

When all beneficiaries agree that an important Trust variation needs to be made, our office can help navigate the complex processes of the law.

Our representation is based on more than five decades of experience counseling and advising area clients, and the knowledgeable guidance of lawyers who are recognized as regional and national leaders in Estate and Trust law.

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