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An estate trustee has a duty to make investment decisions pending the distribution of the estate. For example, the trustee may have the duty to diversify the investment portfolio, having regard to the requirements of the trust, and general economic and investment market conditions. It is important that the trustee be capable of making these sometimes difficult financial decisions. It is also necessary that the trustee makes these decisions solely in the best interests of the estate or creator of the trust.

With 50 years of service to Ontario clients in the Greater Toronto Area, our lawyers at Hull & Hull LLP have the resources, knowledge and experience to help individuals in the areas of estate and trust law. We help clients with a variety of needs in regard to the investment and disbursement of funds, including:

Disbursement of Funds

Another duty of the trustee is to properly disburse the funds according to the terms of the trust. It is less common that a trustee will act outside of his or her own interest than when an executor of a will is disbursing the funds, but it does happen. Our firm is here to address these issues. We are a recognized leader in estate administration and litigation matters, especially in trustee and executor disputes, and we will provide aggressive and focused representation to protect our clients and their interest in the estate.

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