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50 Years of Estate and Trust Law Experience

Executors and trustees maintain control over the Estate or Trust. Disputes over how that person disburses assets, compensates himself and manages an Estate or Trust can lead to contentious litigation and potentially lead to the removal of a given trustee or executor.

At the law offices of Hull & Hull LLP in Toronto, Ontario, our Estate and Trust lawyers provide experienced counsel for clients based on 50 years of proven success. We exclusively handle Estate and Trust-related matters, and are proud to be recognized as a regional and national leader in the field.

Effective Solutions Based on Proven Knowledge

The majority of trustee / executor disputes come down to questions of compensation or requests for removal. In both plaintiff and defence actions, we offer personalized and experienced representation based on decades of experience.

Our lawyers understand the obligations of trustees and executors in all matters, and we provide counsel in disputes involving:

We have appeared before all levels of courts in Canada including the Supreme Court of Canada, and have established a firm reputation for working with a wide range of clients in complex estate litigation and disputes. We also help facilitate mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution for clients to formulate a private and custom solution.

Dispute Resolution and Solutions

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